Greeting Cards for Ecommerce

Designed on your website
Printed at your
  • distribution center
  • retail location
  • supermarket
  • fulfillment center
Shipped in your orders

Your card is ready to be printed!

If this card was designed by a customer on your website, you would be able to use a unique code (123ab) to print the card on-demand and include it in the box with your customer's order.

Demonstrated 15-20% attachment rate for gifts

Card Isle makes it easy to cross-sell personalized greeting cards with any product. Our partners typically see greeting cards added to 15-20% of gift orders, driving a material increase in average order value.

Bring greeting cards to Click & Collect or BOPIS

Greeting cards are a profitable item in your brick & mortar stores, but it can be a hassle to offer cards for customer pickup. Card Isle has a turnkey solution. Cards are designed and personalized on your website, and then printed on-demand at your stores.

How a Card is Created:

1. Customer selects greeting card cross-sell

Card Isle offers a drop-in ecommerce integration, customized for your brand and user experience.

2. Customer designs their card on your website

Customers can choose from designs by local and independent artists, or upload their own selfies.

3. Card is printed at your distribution center

The customer's card is printed on-demand at your distribution center and included with the rest of the order.


Automated Printing

One click and it's done: No-fuss duplexed (double-sided) greeting cards.

Local & Independent Artists

Choose from over 15,000 designs by local and independent artists to provide the greeting card experience that fits your brand.

Tropi-color Printing System

Our proprietary paper and printing technology ensures vibrant colors that will exceed customers' expectations.

Managed Ink & Inventory

Never run out of ink, envelopes, or cardstock. We remotely monitor your inventory, and automatically ship refills.

Fully Customizable

Utilize the Card Isle API to build your own greeting card experience just the way you want it.

Multiple Card Sizes

Our classic card option folds to 5x7 inches. We also offer a trendy option that folds to 4.25x5.5 inches.

Turnkey integrations for:

Multiple Printing Options:


Recommended for locations printing less than 100 cards per day.


Recommended for locations printing 50-500 cards per day.


Recommended for locations printing over 500 cards per day.

Want to learn more?

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