Four Tips For Giving the Perfect Valentine's Day Card

Man Writing

Take a moment to reflect

Before you dive into the endless choices of greeting cards, think back over the past year and ask yourself the following questions: What is your favorite memory with your Valentine? Did you overcome an obstacle together that made your relationship stronger? Did you pass any notable relationship milestones like an anniversary, a new pet or a first kiss? Jot a few of these moments down and think back to them while choosing your card.

Choosing the correct cover

Avoid going straight for the mush.

Choosing your card cover is a great opportunity to be unique and let your Valentine know that you have been thinking about them. Use the search function on our website for inspiration. Don't feel limited to just Valentine's Day cards with hearts flowers. We have thousands of cards with unique images that could inspire you like cats, dinosaurs, boats and more. If your feeling really creative you could upload your own photo too.

Prose Image

Make the prose your own

Let's be honest, most of us our not poets. We need a little help help to wax eloquently to our lovers. Our artists write some amazing prose for the inside of our cards and sometimes provide multiple options to select from. Use the provided prose as a template for inspiration. Ask yourself, is this something I would actually say? If not, edit the prose to make it yours.

Sign Your Name

Don't forget to sign it!

A handwritten signature is a little piece of you that no one can replicate. Make sure to leave your mark at the end of your card. Adding a unique salutation is always a plus too. "Your favorite [hiking] buddy", "Let's enjoy tonight", I can't wait for more adventures with you"