Year-long Card Creation Schedule

Ever wonder how far in advance you should create and upload designs for seasonal occasions and holidays? Wonder no more! This handy list takes all the guesswork out of card creation, leaving you free to focus on designing masterpieces, rather than fiddling with scheduling! At present, the list focuses on major holidays and occasions, but will be continually updated to include minor holidays as the information becomes available.


Set Yearly Goals, examine past year for successful concepts to carry into the upcoming year and earmark areas for improvement

Finalize and Upload Valentine’s Day

Create St. Patrick’s Day, Easter


Last Minute: Valentine’s Day

Finalize and Upload: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter

Create: Mother’s Day


Last Minute: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter (if early Easter year)

Create: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day


Last Minute: Easter (if late Easter year)

Finalize and Upload: Mother’s Day

Create: Father’s Day, Graduation


Last Minute: Mother’s Day

Finalize and Upload: Father’s Day

Create Graduation, Wedding


Last Minute: Father’s Day

Finalize and Upload: Graduation, Wedding

Create and Upload: Fourth of July

Create: Labor Day


Last Minute: Fourth of July

Finalize and Upload: Labor Day

Create: Grandparents Day, Halloween


Last Minute: Labor Day

Finalize and Upload: Grandparents Day

Create: Halloween, Boss’s Day


Last Minute: Grandparents Day

Finalize and Upload: Halloween, Boss’s Day

Create: Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Christmas


Last Minute: Boss’s Day, Halloween

Finalize and Upload Thanksgiving, Veterans Day

Create Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year


Last Minute Veterans Day, Thanksgiving

Finalize and Upload December Holidays

Create MLK Day, Valentine’s Day


Last Minute December Holidays

Finalize and Upload MLK Day

Create Valentine’s Day