What Type of Cards is Card Isle Looking For?

What an excellent question! In addition to our standard categories, such as Birthday cards and cards for major holidays like Valentine’s Day, Card Isle currently needs cards suited to our newest customer base: residents of the American Southwest, and US Service Members!

Recently, we’ve had requests for content in all occasions and holidays with front-cover and interior prose in Spanish, as well as for occasions celebrated by Hispanic and Latin(x) Americans, such as the Quinceanera and Dia de los Muertos. If you’re unsure what to create, consider starting by translating some of your existing cards into Spanish! Google Translate is a valuable tool, but be sure to double-check with a Spanish-English dictionary or with a friend who speaks Spanish to prevent translation errors.

Similarly, our recent expansion to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, has created an opportunity for military-themed content to perform well. Cards in all occasions and holidays with generic military themes are welcome, but we’re most interested in cards for service members and families separated by deployment or training who want to keep in touch, as well as cards celebrating specific military achievements like graduation from training, certifications, promotions, and retirements. Here are some examples from our own catalog–use them as inspiration, but feel free to think outside the box! Have fun and be creative!